AK Child & Family brings hope to troubled young lives through a broad range of mental health services. Our residential psychiatric treatment, community based programs and treatment foster homes offer the structure, care and expertise to help young people facing significant challenges build strong, positive, healthy lives.

18 Years Later...

18 years ago today marked my first day of employment with what was then Alaska Children Services. Having been hired as a Psychiatric Treatment Counselor in Gould Cottage I had an opportunity to work directly with youth and families in a very meaningful way. Over the ensuing years the opportunities for professional growth and development were plentiful; I remain exceedingly grateful for the opportunity to transition into a Treatment Program Supervisor role followed by Director of Human Resources and culminating in my current role as Chief Administrative Officer.

Along the way it has been a distinct pleasure to work with so many caring, compassionate, and dedicated professionals. Some of them remain at the agency and have considerable longevity engaging in the same meaningful work that serves to improve lives and communities. Many have moved on to new challenges and new opportunities; their marks indelibly left on the fabric of time & mission of the agency. The memories of their contributions and support fill me with gratitude and appreciation regularly.

Our youth and families face difficulties and struggles every single day. Being in a position to help them is something that I hold dear to my heart and I see similar perspectives from so many others each and every day. It's a privilege to be associated with AK Child & Family and as I look back over the last 18 years I do so fondly knowing countless youth and families, employees, volunteers & the larger community are better off thanks to all who have, continue to, and will serve at the agency. I look forward to facing new challenges, working with new employees, and together serving youth and families into the future.

While it wasn't my initial intent to make a career at AK Child & Family, 18 years on I cannot think of anything I'd rather have done. It's my hope that in sharing my personal experience at AK Child & Family someone might be inspired to consider joining our team, embarking on a course of study in the social sciences, or helping out youth in general. Thank you AK Child & Family for the opportunities! And thank you to all who support the mission of the agency through employment, volunteerism, advocacy, and donations!


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