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Oh, What an [ACES] Night!

Oh, what a night, indeed. As the ACES touch back down in Alaska, having been on a road trip since St. Patrick's Day weekend, I could not help but reflect on what a great night March 14th was. The scene had been perfectly set for excitement and energy. The ACES were fighting for a playoff spot, wearing their St. Patrick’s Day inspired green jerseys, a crowd of over 5,200 people and amazing seats provided to our students, families and staff. And let’s not forget it was, “AK Child & Family Night at the ACES!” The majority of those students attending had never done so before. Not knowing what to expect, it didn’t take long for them to see how much FUN an ACES game could be.

The ACES scored several goals in the first period. Each time the crowd exploded with energy, our students, families and staff joined in without missing a beat. You could see the instant connection our students had with the energy in the arena! It was surreal; they seemed like seasoned and long-time dedicated fans. At one intermission, the arena was blasted with popular music and our students and families were dancing in their seats. The feeling I had, seeing them functioning and engaging, like many of the other fans and members of our community, was amazing. Many of our students were broadcast on the big screen during this intermission and one could not help but only see young people having a great time.

Students, staff and parents scored a great view the action!

Oh, what a night! What a great opportunity for our students and their families to truly feel part of something. What a wonderful evening, to forget about treatment for just a few hours. Oh, what a night! What a night, to engage in the community, to have fun and be excited! Every student, family member and staff had an incredible experience while watching their ACES win that night, and I know just as I, they can hardly wait to attend again.


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