AK Child & Family brings hope to troubled young lives through a broad range of mental health services. Our residential psychiatric treatment, community based programs and treatment foster homes offer the structure, care and expertise to help young people facing significant challenges build strong, positive, healthy lives.



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  • Myth: Fostering a child who's been removed from the care of their birth parents is dangerous.

    Reality: Not all treatment foster children have been removed from the care of their primary parents. In many cases primary parents have placed their children with us for the help that they need to work through issues that have arisen...

  • I then thought to myself, “I am going to see how many hats I can make in less than a week”. I made 8 hats and my mom gave me a big bag of hats. So altogether I had 57 hats. While I was at camp we made 3 hats. When we got back from camp my mom and sister made 9 more hats just in time for Alaska Flag Day.




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